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Christine Hannett Garner


artist, photographer, designer

Christine is an artist, specializing in painting, photography, and knitting. She has been heading toward Overstreet Hudson since age five, when her grandparents brought her to an art show in Hudson, New York. As a frequent visitor to upstate New ...

Patrick Garner


artist, illustrator, designer

Patrick has been creating art for as long as he can remember. He is constantly sketching and daydreaming of becoming a professional cartoonist.

Robyn Schofer



Robyn is an artist, dabbling in acrylics, watercolor, manga, calligraphy, marbling, felting, crochet, and any new artform she can find.

Teresa Willis



Teresa is a lifelong artist specializing in painting, knitting, and creating jewelry. Her latest ambition has been making earrings. She also enjoys gardening, hiking, and rock climbing.