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  • Collection: Hand Knit Items

White Poncho Ava_shoulder_cropped
Heather's Poncho_etsy
Purple Poncho_3_600
Heather's Gray Poncho
About this Collection

There is a simple joy found in knitting. The repetative motion of knitting is calm and soothing, and the end results are so rewarding. I prefer to knit with natural fibers, which take me back to nature. I love the idea of obtaining natural fibers, spinning them into yarn, and knitting that yarn into a wearable object that I can snuggle into... whether it's a nice warm sweater, a hat, scarf, socks, or blanket... It's the perfect way to stay warm and cozy during those dark winter days.

I mostly knit for myself, but am more than happy to knit for others as well. A few of my knit goods are available on Etsy, and I plan to share more soon!